Facilities Advisors International, LLC has been preparing Capital Budgets and Reserve Studies since 1982, long before most of our competitors ever recognized that such a capital budget advisory service was necessary. We have prepared reserve studies for condominium, homeowner, and timeshare associations nationwide, and have prepared capital budgets for nonprofit, for-profit, and governmental organizations.

Benefits of selecting Facilities Advisors International for your Reserve Fund Study or Capital Reserve Study:

  • Competitive fees
  • Responsiveness
  • Easy-to-read reports
  • Internet-based software available to our clients

Competitive fees - We pass along the cost savings we realize through gains achieved by incorporating technology into the process.  We also "Scope" the component analysis before starting work to obtain the optimum level of component detail.  We tailor the analysis to your unique requirements.  Our software and data management skills allow you to properly manage your budget process.

Responsiveness - If you request changes to your report, we will make them.  After all, it is your report.

Easy-to-read reports - Our approach to reporting is unique in the industry. We provide the information you need to prepare your budget and to communicate summary information to your board of directors and members.

Internet-based software - When the report is completed, you have access to (and training on) the software we used to prepare your reserve study or capital budget.

Call us today for a free proposal (877) 304-6700 - We work WITH YOU to help you achieve the best outcome. 

How We Work with You


We help you plan the reserve study engagement to get the best result.  We do this by requesting the information we need from you up front before the on-site analysis is performed.  This helps to make sure that we identify all the components that should be included in the study and which items should be excluded. 

On-site analysis

The On-Site Analysis and Component Condition Assessment

The reserve study on-site analysis (what other folks call the “site visit”) and component condition assessment (CCA) is crucial to an accurate evaluation of the association's long-term capital repair and replacement budget. The reserve consultant must possess both industry knowledge and knowledge of maintenance of common area components to know what items should be included in the reserve analysis.  For small, simple associations, identifying and quantifying components is relatively easy.  For larger, more complex associations, it is not simply a matter of quantifying the components, it is also a matter of knowing how to assemble the resulting data into meaningful reports.