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Gary Porter

Gary Porter


Offices Served: California, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada

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Facilities Advisors CEO Gary Porter has provided financial services to condominium and homeowners associations since 1976. He has authored five books and more than 400 articles on association financial matters and has made dozens of presentations to industry groups. He is considered to be one of the foremost financial experts for associations and has been quoted or published in the Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Common Ground, The Ledger Quarterly, and The Practical Accountant. He has been performing reserve studies since 1982.

Gary is also president of the International Capital Budgeting Institute (ICBI) and primary author of ICBI’s Generally Accepted Reserve Study Standards. Visit and you’ll see why these standards are so superior to the National Reserve Study Standards followed by our competitors. Mr. Porter holds the FMP (Facilities Management Professional) credential, which designates him as an expert in facilities management, the most critical skill in component condition assessment. He was a recognized economics and valuations expert in the California Superior Court system for more than twenty years and even served as the court appointed independent expert on several occasions. He holds CAI’s RS (Reserve Specialist) designation and is also a registered reserve specialist in Nevada. Mr. Porter is also a Certified Public Accountant and possesses the skills directly applicable to preparation of a financial projection for future major repairs and replacements. He also holds the Registered Reserve Consultant (RRC) credential, the highest designation available to reserve preparers.

The RRC credential requires that the individual must have completed a set of training courses that include all technical areas of the reserve study process. Mr. Porter is actually the author of several of the required training courses and a consultant or reviewer on all of the required courses. His broad background gives him the global perspective of the entire reserve study process that most others lack, and the ability to write the book “Reserve Studies – The Complete Guide”. Mr. Porter has been active in the industry for decades. He was a founding member of the CAI Channel Islands California chapter in 1979 and served as CAI's national president in 1998-99. He has received numerous awards, including CAI's Distinguished Service and Author of the Year Awards, and CACM's Vision Award for outstanding service.

Greg Libke

Greg Libke, RSS

Offices Served: Arizona, Texas, Midwest Regional Office

Greg Libke is the Facilities Advisors reserve professional for Arizona and Texas.

Greg is based in Chandler, Arizona and serves both Arizona and Texas. After earning a degree in Business Management, and working with local competitor in Arizona, Greg acquired the skills and knowledge to deliver comprehensive reserve studies to his clients. Greg has experience with planned developments and condominium associations in Arizona, Texas, Nevada, and California.

Greg also holds the Nevada RSS permit allowing him to perform reserve studies in Nevada.

Greg is also the current president of Associated Reserve Planners – USA which is affiliated with Associated Reserve Planners International. Associated Reserve Planners (ARP) is a trade organization for reserve preparers that provides education for reserve preparers. He is also responsible for planning and implementing the annual ARP/ICBI joint conference. In 2019 he also participated in making a presentation at the annual conference.

Robbie Pepper

Robbie Pepper


Offices Served: Colorado, New Mexico, Utah

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Robbie has performed dozens of reserve studies in Colorado working with reserve study challenges specific to Colorado's climate. The similarity in construction types and materials is very similar between Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico.

Robbie’s earned professional designations include Reserve Study (RS) from CAI, Reserve Study Specialist (RSS) from the State of Nevada, Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) Certified Maintenance Manager (CMM),and Certified Commercial Investment Manager (CCIM), as well as many other real estate designations designed to provide superior service to you.

Robbie's work in producing reserve studies for more than 200 community associations include residential areas, condos, townhomes, recreation centers, high rises, water districts, and business parks, timeshares, non-profits, and others.

Lynn Sallee

Lynn Sallee

Offices Served: East Coast Regional Office

Lynn Sallee operates the Facilities Advisors East Coast Regional office. A retired general contractor who also worked for several years as a manager of community associations Lynn both understand the community association industry and has a tremendous amount of technical knowledge on all aspects of building construction.

In 2020 Lynn co-authored an educational course with Gary Porter on how to perform high rise association reserve studies. These projects have the most complex mechanical systems that reserve preparers will generally encounter and Lynn is the man with the knowledge on these systems.

Jay Grant

Jay Grant

Offices Served: Oregon, Washington, Pacific Northwest Regional Office

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Jay B. Grant has extensive organizational, financial, maintenance and structural project knowledge about condominiums which includes interfacing with local government for projects & permits. He holds a professional risk underwriter designation in financial services from Northeastern University. His personal condominium experience includes living in an Edmonds condo, serving the HOA president for several years, and managing multiple projects from structural, roof and major repairs.

Jay is an innovative solution specialist with extensive national and international experience. A global leader for risk management for large public environments. Developed and implemented key strategic strategies: brand awareness, mindset, perception, practices, process, effectiveness, communication, collaboration, and outcomes. Provides meaningful community engagement internally and externally.

His professional work includes serving as a senior advisor at the state and federal level, including positions managing national and international security, mass and critical environment risk management, security and counterterrorism, evidenced based programs and best practices. He also has extensive experience in authoring legislation, model law, regulatory rule making, complex negotiation and collaborative requirements.