We see several of our competitors who claim to be the industry leaders, apparently based on nothing more than the number of reports they have produced. That really demonstrates nothing more than low pricing to grab business or the effectiveness of their marketing; it says nothing about actual leadership. And the term "industry" is key here, because they do indeed work in the reserve study "industry." Their reserve study industry does not have the characteristics required of a profession.

At Facilities Advisors we work in the reserve study "profession." The difference is that we at Facilities Advisors recognized the characteristics necessary to create a profession, then we made it happen. Facilities Advisors was the driving force in creating ICBI, the International Capital Budgeting Institute. ICBI in 2015 established its Generally Accepted Reserve Study Principles and Generally Accepted Reserve Study Standards. Without this professional level of standards a profession cannot exist. ICBI also created the requirement of continuing education for reserve preparers. Non ICBI members do not have a continuing education requirement.

Facilities Advisors CEO Gary Porter serves as ICBI president. He is also a past national president of CAI (1998-99), one of three founding members of the CAI Channel Islands Chapter in 1979 and serves as a director of ARP-USA (Associated Reserve Planners-USA, a trade organization) and the Budgeting Professionals Credentialing Board (BPCB). In addition to holding CAI's RS (Reserve Specialist) designation he was the first person to qualify for and receive BPCB's RRC (Registered Reserve Consultant) credential. This is the ONLY reserve credential that requires proof of knowledge by virtue of taking a series of educational courses and passing a comprehensive examination in order to qualify. Mr. Porter actually wrote several of the courses including "Reserve Study Fundamental Concepts" and was a coauthor of two other educational courses for reserve preparers, "Performing High Rise Reserve Studies" and "Performing Country Club Reserve Studies."

Facilities Advisors team member Greg Libke is president of ARP-USA (Associated Reserve Planners). As such he is responsible for planning ARP's annual educational conference. Greg also serves as a director of ICBI.

Facilities Advisors team member Lynn Sallee is a contributing author to "Reserve Studies - The Complete Guide" and is coauthor of two educational courses for reserve preparers, "Performing High Rise Reserve Studies" and "Performing Country Club Reserve Studies."

At Facilities Advisors we have solid evidence of our leadership roles within the reserve study profession.