If you just have a general questions please use our online inquiry form.

We can't really make an informed proposal with gaining a good understanding of your associations and its physical characteristics. We provide you with two different ways to get that information to us:

  1. If you want to give us just the bare basics and have us call you back to gain enough information to be able to submit a proposal, then use this short form online inquiry “Contact for Quote” Below. Nothing to download, just fill in the online form and click on the ”send” button below.

  2. The long form RFP document is a downloadable, Adobe fill-in form.  Download and fill in the form, save it to your computer and email back to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  This form acts as a good checklist and generally provides us with all the information we need to prepare a proposal.

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Cost of the reserve study

We are frequently asked how we calculate the cost of the study.  Our approach is simple.  We know that you want a single reliable fee estimate; no changes based on unknown factors.  We want to be able to provide that for you so we ask questions to make sure we have a complete understanding of your requirements.  Factors affecting our fee estimate are; type of association, size of association, amenities maintained, and location of the association.  This gives us the information we need to determine how much time will be required to complete the study.   While we don't charge any separate or additional fee for travel time or costs those are factors that we must consider in determining the total effort to prepare the reserve study and expenses we incur. The final factor affecting our cost estimate is your time requirement for receiving the report.  Our normal time for processing a report is three to four weeks.  If you require a report immediately we must set aside other work and for that we do charge a premium.  We try to gain all of this information before we submit a proposal to you. 

Together, this gives us our total cost, which we convert to a single fee; there are no extras or add-ons.  We guarantee a fixed fee unless we discover that the information provided to us was inaccurate.  We will hold that fee for 60 days.

We calculate fee for updates of the reserve study in the same manner, based on our estimate of the time required to complete the analysis and prepare the report.

The services we offer generally exceed what most of our competitors are able to offer.  Because of the software we use, our planning of of the component data structure, and inclusion of component measurements or quantities our reports can generally be easily generated by location, making it easy for you to review the report for accuracy.  

Please contact us at 877.304.6700 if you have any questions.

Sample Reports