Facilities 7 Software

More than a thousand associations are using the Facilities 7 reserve study software.  We use Facilities 7 to prepare all our reserve studies for our association and other clients and provide you with access at the completion of the reserve study.

Facilities 7 is an internet-based software system that allows you to keep your reserve management plan up to date.  It is the most powerful reserve study software available, and is one of only a few software products that meets the demanding standards of the ICBI (International Capital Budgeting Institute).  Facilities 7 is easy to use, and training modules are available here.  Demo instructions are available here.

Benefits of the Facilities 7 Software:

  • Secure internet-based system with desktop interface
  • Powerful financial analysis and planning tools maintained on a SQL database on a remote server
  • Dozens of standard report and chart formats to meet all your needs
  • Quality assurance by independent CPA firm
  • Multiple category and component levels to allow maximum flexibility in component database
  • Quantity purchasing analysis for multiple properties


To see a complete description of the Facilities 7 system, visit the Percipient Software, LLC website.

Facilities 7 Software Training Modules

Facilities Advisors uses Facilities 7 software to perform all reserve studies, and software is available for our clients to use to keep their reserve system updated.  This list of training modules will evenutally consist of approximately 30 Adobe documents containing screenshots to show users how to perform various functions within the Facilities 7 software system.





Update study for next year


Adding a new component


Multiple components


One time expenditures


Adjusted components


Warnings - How to Fix Them


Percent Funded Calculations – 3 Methods


Reports - Cash Flow


Updating Your Facilities 7 Software


Changing Licenses in Facilities 7